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Scott Herrick

Principal and Founder

Scott brings a wealth of lighting experience, working across a wide variety of projects - from the United Nations to HBO. Scott is Lighting Certified (LC) by the NCQLP, a member of IESNA, a member of AIA, and a licensed architect in New York and New Jersey.

Justine Parrish

Associate, Senior Lighting Designer

Justine brings robust lighting design experience, having worked on over 100 projects, ranging from 2,000 sf to 800,000 sf. Most notably, Justine worked on Kering Americas which received the 2020 AIA NJ Design Award.

Jess Marshall

Associate, Lighting Designer

Jess is a talented lighting designer who has worked on a variety of projects, from Morgan Stanley and Charter Communications to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the American Kennel Club Headquarters.

John Dunn

Lighting Design Director

John is an esteemed lighting designer who has received multiple awards for his notable project work. John is Lighting Certified (LC) by the NCQLP, has achieved LEED BD+C Accreditation, and was the past President of the IES Los Angeles Chapter.

Junrui Wang

Associate, Lighting Designer

Junrui Wang is involved in all phases of design, from initial client contact through to administration, leading the development of design concepts and aesthetic direction. In this role, Junrui obtains project requirements from the client and translates project goals into a creative design. By working closely with the lighting team, Junrui ensures that the final design supports the client's goals.

Kailey Bennington

Lighting Designer

Kailey brings an innate curiosity about the limitless applications of light to her work as a lighting designer. Illumination and shadow, color, refraction—Kailey has a keen eye for making each of these fundamental aspects of lighting design feel new and dynamic. She also supports Spark’s team with strong graphic design skills.

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